Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

We're not a fan of goblins, we're not a fan of creepy things, and we're not a fan of low budget games. Despite all of that, however, this game still managed to win us over, which is saying a lot! They really hit the core mechanics here on the head, coming in with tight gameplay, decent enough graphics to get their point across, and enough enthusiasm to make you smile when you see the title image. It's a fun game that pays well and plays quite wonderfully, and is a much better experience than you would expect based on the screenshots alone.

Some of the headlining features are the bonus round, which is a Treasure Quest designed to give you free money, as well as winning up to 9 times your bet, and the usual mainstays of the genre that you have come to know and cherish. There's a lot to like here, a lot that went into it, and it's far more than the sum of its parts.

If you're interested in a simple, to the point, and classic style of game with decent gameplay and enough winnings potential to keep you interested, this one is definitely it. Although it isn't much to look at, and the gameplay is simple enough to make it fair to say it's not much to play, it's still a great time if you're willing to invest and take a chance on it. We did, and recommend anyone that's read this far do as well!

What You Can Expect

Don't go into this game expecting to be wowed or blown away. It isn't a big budget, many reel game with progressive jackpots, fancy features, or anything of that kind. What it is, however, is a classic slot game with a novel theme and some cute imagery thrown on it to make the experience fun and accessible enough to keep you interested and entertained.

The coin sizes are about standard, much like the rest, going up to $5 each, and playing out across the 3 reels and 3 pay lines. This makes it easy to start up, and no matter how little you have left to bet, you can still have just one more play. As we said, there are also the usual number of features, such as multipliers and the lack, although if you're expecting more than that, you'll definitely be left wanting.

There is a nice Lord of the Rings sort of vibe that ends up being more than the sum of its parts present here that we do appreciate, however. They did a great job making it feel like you're spelunking for money in slot form, while still managing to capture that classic slot feel and all else that goes along with it in a game of this kind. It makes for a fun time all around despite what else we didn't like about it.

What They Could Have Improved

First and foremost is the relatively low budget graphics. There's low key, and there's really bottom of the barrel, this game definitely being the latter. The could have easily upped the ante on those, and put a little more time into the art and imagery. It would have gone a long way towards making the game feel less like an afterthought, and we think the developers owe it to players to have put a little more into that end.

There's also the relative dearth of interesting and entertaining features that have been left out of this one. It's all fairly standard things you would come to expect, and nothing of the sort of progressive jackpots or interesting modes are at all present here. It's all straight to the point, for better or worse.

We'd also liked to have seen more in terms of scatters and multipliers as well. They're certainly there, but there's not too much going on other than the standard stuff you would normally expect from a game of the old sort that you don't see too often anymore.

General Style and Presentation

They definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to the style. If only the budget matched! The nice greens and browns make it all feel like you're in a gave along with the gold, and the nice purple and lighter tones make for a good foil to that. They also keep things fairly classic with how it's all laid out, looking like somewhat of a done up old time slot that's been made to look better with the nicer graphical trappings you'll see all around it.

It's not a bad looking game, just an underdone one, like a nice cake that'd been left too little in the oven and failed to rise all the way to its full potential.

Summing Up the Game

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots is a great example of a good idea that could have been great but failed to rise up to those heights thanks to a lack of budget and time put into it. The end result is a good enough and accessible game that has a nice sense of style, and for anyone that's into the whole Orcs and Goblins sort of thing you might see in something like Lord of the Rings, this one will do quite nicely.

That said, we have a hard time recommending it for anything more than short play sessions. you'll likely find you've seen all the game has to offer almost immediately, and there isn't much there to keep you going at all in almost any way. We did have a decent time, and it appears to pay out fairly often, but we had a hard time sticking with it for all that long.