Tailgate Blitz Slots

Anyone with a love of football loves fellow football fans just as much as the sport. Unless they're a fan of the Patriots, in which case we tell them that we're all sick of hearing about Tom Brady and think he's gone on quite enough. What, is he going to play until he's 60? Is he going to have a cane on the field? It isn't fair at this point, he's too good! Let somebody else have a chance to sign.

Joking aside, this game is a parody of what all goes on outside the football games among football fans and related things on the field. It's poking fun at every last one of us, doing so with tongue firmly in cheek, and brings a smile to all of our faces in the process for how well it all comes together. We're big football fans as you can tell, but even if we weren't, we'd still have a wonderful time playing this game for the ideas and creativity that went into all of it alone.

It's also no slouch when it comes to the gameplay. The bonus modes, match symbols, and all else can easily hold their own among the top games around. We have no doubt that everyone can have a great time with this one, which will hold your interest for as long as your budget will last. It's a one of a kind game, and easy recommendation, and there's no good reason you shouldn't give it a go immediately to see what's going on with it!

What You Can Expect

Looking at the game alone, you can tell there's a lot of comedy afoot, and that it likely has a thing or two to do with football itself. Sorry, international fans, only American football here! Your sport is popular enough that we're sure you won't mind, however, as it is about time that Americans had their time to shine in the fine games we play.

The coin sizes here, much like betting at a bookie, are almost anything you can desire. Got a penny, or $5, and you're good. Anything in between also works. There's also a big $100 bet max, which is more than decent for this game or any other. We also enjoyed the Cash Bonus Feature, which is somewhat like a hidden present that pops up from time to time to let you know that the developers care and are decent people.

We really loved the matching symbols too, which are all fun, colorful, and inventive. It's kinda like playing an SNL version of a slot themed around football, if you're old enough to get that reference. In what world is SNL old? We feel bad now.

What They Could Have Improved

There's not a whole lot we'd change about this game, actually. We really enjoyed the bonus modes, features, and think it has more heart than it has any right to. It was clearly made as a labor of love. This pervades every aspect of the graphics as well as the gameplay, and it is almost like watching someone smile on the screen in terms of the amount of enthusiasm that is conveyed by this. We think that this is easily the best game wager gaming has ever put out, at least in the five reel field. If you were looking for something simpler, we suppose this game would not fit the bill there.

This also is not the game if you were looking for massive progressive jackpot. Although the way things are is great and everything else is too, it's not the sort of game where there is this big looming jackpot over your head that you're constantly waiting to come down. Instead, however, the multipliers go all the way up to $5000 in wager, and things seem to come up quite often in our experience.

It would have been nice if they had a much higher budget to realize their ideals, but it all still looks very good, and we have a little to fault when it comes to this. It's a wonderful game, was wonderfully executed, and the end result, as you might expect, are absolutely wonderful!

General Style and Presentation

Everything here looks like a low-budget video game, something out of the 90s on the PlayStation platform, for example. None of the textures are very high-quality, but that does add a comedic sort of feel to the whole thing, which seems intentional. With how well it all comes together, they could have easily done a better job, but it all still ends up feeling very endearing.

We also enjoyed the grungy look to the colors, which makes it all look hilarious in our opinion. Everything came out quite wonderfully, and we can't think of a single thing that we would change about the idea is that they decided to render them. Whether they are the barbecues or the fans themselves being set ablaze, it's a very fun game that is fun to look at as well!

Summing Up the Game

Tailgate Blitz Slots is easily our favorite game that we have ever played about the sport of football, although technically it's about the fans more than anything else. We certainly grow up loving the sport, but even if that were not true, we still think we would have a fun time here. The multipliers go all the way up to 5000, the maximum bets go up to $100 a spin, and you can bet pretty much anything you would like. This is a wonderful a new title from Wager Gaming me that we think will climb to the top of the rankings almost immediately. If you would like to get in on the latest and greatest from Wager Gaming, this game is definitely it, and you should play it immediately!