Dog Gone It Slots

Even if you are a fan of cats instead, this game may very well turn you around and change your mind! It’s almost like playing a film with a lot of character to it, and each and every one of the wonderful muts that you will encounter in the game being fittingly done. We can’t help but smile anytime we see it, and if you have a love of animals at all akin to our own, this will probably describe your take on the game as well. It’s a lot of fun, and we had a wonderful time!

They clearly put a lot of effort into this, which is evidenced in every aspect of the game play as well. You will have the usual features you have grown accustomed to, as well as a wide variety of coin sizes that are suitable for anyone on any budget at any time. There is a reason that this is one of our more popular games, and it has players coming back all the time for a very good payout! You could even bet all the way up to $250, which is a lot higher than you would expect given how the game looks. There really isn’t much we would change about this game, other than giving ourselves more time to play it, and more money to put into it!

What You Can Expect

As you can clearly tell by looking at it, this is a game that absolutely loves animals, and rewards the player for spending lots of time with it. There are intricate details all over the place that you will come to appreciate during longer play sessions, and a large number of pay lines, 25, keep the betting aspect of it all interesting. The bonus round is also here to keep you hooked to your seat, giving you lots of free spins at a very rapid pace. The intent of the developer was clearly to make players strap in for a longer play sessions, and giving them enough wiggle room in their coin size it is to fit any amount of money if they happen to be able to spend at the time.

You will also appreciate the many multipliers that you’ll see it, such as the multiplier wild which will double your winnings. This, along side the 40 free spins that come up during the bonus mode, make everything a joy. They are also the usual scatter symbols, and Instant play features that you would come to expect from any wager gaming title.

What They Could Have Improved

Despite this being a mostly good game with a lot of passable features, they could have benefited from up in the art budget just a bit. All the ideas are clearly there, and it all looks very good, but we definitely do see a lot of rough edges on the way the dogs and people are drawn, and it all feels fairly low budget in that way. It almost looks like stock models were used for my computer graphics program, and everything is somewhat awkward the position no matter where it is.

The colors also leave a lot to be desired, which we will get into later. There is a clear lack of bonus features as well, aside from the free spins, which are thoroughly appreciated. You won’t have a nice jackpot hanging over your head like a treat to pull you, which many other games used a great effect, and for good reason!

General Style and Presentation

Everything here looks like a fairly low budget affair, but with a lot of heart to it. They clearly had a lot of good ideas, and the colors themselves evidence that. They are somewhat all over the place, however, it look like they were done with someone that had more heart than skill. This makes for a game that, while certainly not ugly, can be a little hard to look out for longer periods of time. It’s somewhat pains as to say that, as we do enjoy the game, but that’s the five you’ll probably get it relatively quickly after playing it.

You’ll also notice that some of the user interface elements look like they are a little bit awkwardly done. There isn’t that crisp sense of design that you will see in most of the other slots around the Internet, or even the user interface for the game itself. This makes some aspects of it feel a little bit under done, which given the quality of some of the other games around here, does make it hard to stick to it once it starts to lose your interest. It’s by no means bad, but you will find yourself drifting away fairly quickly.

Summing Up the Game

Dog Gone It Slots is a game for animal lovers of all kinds that would love to win enough money to buy an entire farm worth of them, which we can relate to! It’s certainly not for animal control services, however, although we imagined that would apply to relatively few people. What you end up with there’s a game with a lot of very good ideas, a lot of enthusiasm that went into making it, but not a lot of staying power when it comes to the production values. The free spins will certainly keep you hooked to your seat with 40 of them coming out you fairly frequently, but there won’t be anything like a progressive jackpot hanging over your head like a bone. We do recommend everyone at least give it a try, but do you think that it will likely not hold your interest for all that long if you are not a giant fan of dogs like we are! We also love money, but we think that applies to everybody.