Reel Poker Slots

Reel Poker Slots is one of the most unique slot games you are likely to find. It is a perfect source of entertainment for admirers of both slot games and video poker because it unifies the two types into one game. Reel Poker gives gamblers the chance to profit from 52 symbols, which is actually the number of the playable cards in a card deck, all of which can appear on the game’s five reels. There are a hundred different ways in which the player can receive a payout and here the coin size is just one-50 cents.

Poker Hands in a Slot Game

As far as the winning combinations are concerned, all you have to do is imagine that you are at the poker table. Since there is no raising of any kind here and you are basically playing alone against a computer, the developers of the game have made sure that the payouts of the different hands are quite big. When you win, the prizes you get come in the form of multipliers. One of the more modest winning hands (combinations) is the Straight-five card that follow one another in a sequence, which pays a multiplier of 13. The Flush-five cards from the same suit delivers a 15 multiplier. The Full House, which three cards of the same number or letter and then two other who are also the same pay a 20 multiplier. Four of a Kind, which four is four of the same cards, delivers a 45 multiplier. The Straight Flush, meaning five cards in a sequence which also share the same suit, raises the payouts to a whole other level, since it provides an earning of 1000x. Five of a Kind, which is five of the same symbol will deliver a multiplier of 2000. The best award in the game is a 10 000 multiplier, which is handed out for gaining a Royal Flush combination-five cards from 10 to A of the same suit.

The Slot Game Elements

In many ways, Reel Poker unites the best features of the two types of games and when it comes to the slot part, it is only right that some big jackpots are included. This revolutionary slot features three progressive jackpots. There is a main one, a major one and a minor one. The major one will be awarded as soon as it reaches 750 dollars. The minor one is quite small, gets hit much more often and will be given as soon as its value reaches 75 dollars. The main jackpot of the game can only be acquired through landing a Royal Flush combination. All of these jackpots are being awarded randomly to players who have fulfilled the necessary conditions and there is one that is valid for all the three jackpots-entering the spin with 5 bet coins. Another slot game-like bonus is the free spins. In here, it is quite different. The free spins will be awarded at a random principle. A new screen will pop up with them displaying 15 card symbols, all face down. The gambler will have to select them one by one ultimately revealing two of the same kind. The number of the flipped matching cards will become the number of the free spins that will be granted. There is a hidden special card amongst the fifteen, that if revealed will double the amount of the free spins. The biggest number of free spins that can be acquired is thirty.

All in all, this is a terrific game, quite unique in its style, idea and gameplay and the fact that it unites two of the most beloved online gambling genres will surely attract you and force you to join its army of fans.