Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Have you ever wanted to shoot a turkey? Probably not, but we’ve all eaten them and enjoyed them in that way. Somebody’s got to do it, and it’s a dirty job. Now you can relive all that goes on in that with a game that’s only loosely based on the concept and instead plays more like a classic slot. That’s the main bait and switch that the developers have pulled here with this one, coming in with a theme that does seem genuinely novel and new, and combining it with gameplay that is all very familiar and inviting.

It’s an okay combination in our book, having a good time playing it no matter how long you go with it, and coming out decently on the other end any time you do. We really had a great set of winnings when we had our run, coming out about even after all was said and done, and really enjoying every last bit of that! If you like turkeys, we are sure that there are better games out there that took that part of the theme more seriously. If you want money, however, then this one’s a sure fire hit that you’d do well to pick up right away!

What You Can Expect

Everything about this game is fairly standard, having little to show you that you haven’t seen before or played. That’s part of the charm and fun for many players, it being a decent way of winning money that isn’t going to confuse you or anything of that nature. Aside from that, and it’s still a great time to be had, having a lot to offer players that are willing to invest their time and money into a nice fast paced experience.

There is a bonus round in this one, which is rare at times in games by Wager Gaming! It goes by fairly often in our experience, making for a fun time that pays you for the privilege of giving it a chance. This serves to spice up the game play a bit from being completely standard, which is a godsend in a game like this that is otherwise not very inventive. We had a wonderful experience with the bonus game, and I only wish they had added more bonus modes to go along side of it.

The production values are also middle of the road, going all over the board if you compare the different elements. On some things, such as the choice of reel graphics, everything is about as you would expect. The turkey and title areas, however, I’ll have a much more inventive feel to them which is sadly not present in most of the reel images. This makes for a somewhat distracted experience but still manages to be fine, but aren’t even around the edges at the same time.

What They Could Have Improved

We certainly love the theme, and you’re not going to find many Thanksgiving themed games out there, they could have done a lot more to work it into the rest of the game. Aside from the turkey itself, there’s really not a whole lot going on here when it comes to the festivities. Most of the symbols are very standard, and it makes for a somewhat slapped on experience as far as the theme goes.

In addition to that, a nice big jackpot waiting for you just like a big pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day would have been a lovely addition. Sometimes we need something to keep us going for a long spans of time, which this game does have a hard time doing in our opinion. The theme itself is not bad, but it is not enough to keep you going if there’s no giant money bag waiting for you at the other end. Or even better, lingering over your head!

General Style and Presentation

This is a classic slot through and through, with little hints and bits of theme thrown in to make it stand out from the pack. Everything goes by at a rapid pace, perfectly in line with the three reel feel that they were going for with this game. We enjoy this sort of thing, but you should know going into it that it is not going to wire you in that way. Everything is fairly bare bones and traditional, and standard would be an understatement to describe the way it all looks.

The pacing deserve special mention, however. It goes by very fast, and all of the coin operated nature of the elements of the game also make it feel like you are right at home in Vegas. If you are looking for a slot machine that feels like a slot machine, this one definitely captures that perfectly!

Summing Up the Game

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots is a very standard game with an un standard theme that looks somewhat pedestrian but plays very well. You’ll find fun bonus rounds and fast payouts, as well as one of the cutest turkeys you’re likely to see. If you are a huge Thanksgiving fan, you’re likely not alone, but we don’t think that’s going to be enough for most people to get sucked in here. You just have to really really like the art style, find all of the ways that it comes together endearing, and be willing to invest your time. We can easily recommend you at least give it a try, as that’s the only way to know for sure, and if it happens to be with Thanksgiving, there would be no better game to play on that day then one just like this! We can only think of a few Thanksgiving themed games in general, and this is certainly one of the better ones, we will give them that.